Pholog – Cruising the Irrawaddy River – Magical Mystery Ride

January 29th, 2016

 Magical Mystery Ride

Heading north on the Irrawaddy River, Diane and I enjoy the view of our last sunrise in Myanmar on the bow of our ship, the RV Indochina Pandaw.  Feeling the warmth of the rising sun on our faces and with a westerly breeze blowing across the ship reducing the incessant 90% dew point to a livable 23 degrees Celsius, the river comes to life with fishermen firing up their narrowed power vessels, and barges enjoined by tug boats blaring warning shots in a quiet dawn to announce their domination on the channels.  It’s a scene played out every day on the Irrawaddy irrespective of our presence as guests to witness this timeless event.  Unfortunately, like all journeys, the circle closes on this photographic voyage with memories permanently stored in the Dizon Family Cloud, my 64 GB Flash Drive and my SD camera memory chip.  This morning we board Bangkok Airways from Mandalay to our Thai sanctuary, the Shangri-La Hotel.

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  1. Road to Bangkok
  2. Road to Yangon
  3. Road to Inle Lake – Myanmar
  4. Road to Mandalay
  5. Road to the Teak Monastery @ Sele and Fishing Village of Oh Kyaung
  6. Road to Monywa & Mohnyin Thambuddhei


Exhibition Images: War on Hunger – Afghanistan

August 12th, 2015

Before the war in Afghanistan, the United States waged a humanitarian War on Hunger in Afghanistan that saved thousands of Afghan lives in the 1970s.

The Peace Corps/USAID Project was called  “Operation Help”.   

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Life was Operation Help’s concern and Operation Help gave 235,064 Afghan people renewed hope for survival.

EyesoftheNomadThe pastoral peoples of the nearly inaccessible mountain regions of Afghanistan were always proudly self-sufficient until an unprecedented two-year drought, followed by one of the most brutal winters in the country’s history, left them starving and destitute. The stricken people, food gone, animals dead, with little or no seed to plant, mortgaged their future crops, or sold their land for food. In no case was the potential of the land fully realized. Many migrated to urban areas, where they thought there would be food and life would be easier. There, they found themselves without useful skills and were forced to return to their homes to face further disease, starvation, and often death. The mountainous terrain and marginal roads limited accessibility. Short distances, under these conditions, became long. Time was critical in both planning and operations because of the impending brutal winter. In the Central areas, changes in weather could have made the starving people inaccessible until the late spring. In Badakhshan, certain mountain passes had already been closed by heavy snowfall before the program even started. Despite the efforts of the Afghan government and the international community, the affected areas were unable to recover from the natural calamities. But, there was will and also determination. The king and his government took the measures necessary to meet the extraordinary needs of the people. They gave the highest priority to “Operation Help”, an unprecedented famine relief effort, and moved with speed and efficiency to solve the humanitarian crisis. The result: hope for survival for 235,064 people.  Download Operation Help Photo Book

40 Year Wedding Anniversary June 27, 1975 – June 27-2015

June 27th, 2015

On the Island of Barbados June 27, 1975 , a Marriage occurred with an Exchange of Vows Witnessed by Magistrate George Lynch of Christ Church


Clubbing in Warsaw, Poland 1999

It was Forty Years ago yesterday Diane and I taught the band to play We’ve  been going in and out of style But we are  guaranteed to raise a smile

— with Diane Dizon.

ReunionPortland2012 (14)

Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan 1973


Dancing in Jaipur, India


Jailed on the Galapagos Islands Ecuador for 3 Months 2005- 2006


Reprise Cruise to Barbados

Reprise Cruise to Barbados


ReunionPortland2012 (28)

Chagcharan, Ghor Province, Afghanistan 1973


Sapphire Princess Cruise